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Multigrains & Whole Grains Can Improve Your Health

It’s true! Multigrains & whole grains have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease by decreasing cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood coagulation. They can also regulate blood glucose in people with diabetes. Whole grains can even reduce the risk of several types of cancers!

Nutritionists complain that “consumers are far below the recommended intake for fiber and whole grains.” Here is one fun, great tasting way to help correct that deficiency. Both our 16 grain & 9 grain gluten-free mixes are not spiked with artificial nutrients or nutrachemicals. They are simply the best tasting multigrain pancakes you will ever have.

Here are some main benefits of our products:

  • 100% whole grain.
  • Nominated for the best tasting pancakes & waffles ever
  • They have not been spiked with preservatives, but rather, we fortify them with a healthy dose of flax, which is famous for its omega-3 oil, fiber & lignans.
  • We use the best package: a standup resealable foil pouch, it keeps out light, moisture & air better than any other package to maintain freshness.
  • Shelf life is at least 3-4 months, refrigeration extends shelf life at least 12 months & freezer extends it at least 24 months.

Our 16 Unique Grains & Flax

Amaranth Amaranth*: essential amino acids, ancient South American grain
Barley Barley: higher level of fiber than oats, provides protein and potassium
Buckwheat Buckwheat*: quality protein calcium, rutin, (not a wheat)
Corn Corn*: grain with the highest level of antioxidants
Kamut Kamut: ancient Egyptian grain like wheat, high protein & Vitamin E
Millet Millet*: a rich combination of vitamins and minerals
Oats Oats: high quality fiber, natural preservative
Quinoa Quinoa*: highest in quality proteins & iron, ancient South American grain
Rice Rice*: easily digested, most commonly consumed grain
Rye Rye: good source of lysine, iron, and fiber
Spelt Spelt: mild flavor, great source of magnesium
Sorghum Sorghum*: ancient grain like wheat but milder & sweeter, high in minerals and proteins
Teff Teff*: smallest of all grains, highest grain in calcium
Triticale Triticale: rye-wheat cross, source of fiber
Wheat Wheat: generally less expensive, protein and fiber
Wild Rice Wild Rice*: not a rice, protein and fiber, an expensive grain
Flax Flax*: omega 3 oil, fiber and lignans (must be ground to be digestible)
*Gluten Free

Even More Info

For a detailed comparison of how nutrient info for each grain that we use, please download our Nutrient Grains Comparison Spreadsheet!