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A. Why all the (or Why so many) grains?

  1. Best of all the flavor is fantastic!
  2. If 100% whole wheat is great for health, what can be said of 16 (or 9 in the case of gluten free) whole grains fortified w/flax?
  3. It is said that “all grain is ordained for the use of man.” Well, here they all are in one bite!
  4. Then, in there someplace, there has to be some bragging rights.
  5. I wanted a product in which I could take great satisfaction.
  6. But really, I’ve had a lot of fun putting these grains together.

B. Why do you mill the flax?

It is true that many food companies use whole flax but this is misleading because whole flax scoots through the digestive track without doing any good. I include milled flax because of its great nutritional value and it enhances the flavor.

C. What are tricks some processors use to increase the number of grains?

Double counting the same grain. For example counting rolled wheat, cracked wheat & wheat flour as 3 grains. Others count oil seeds or beans as grains.

D. Why do you have the consumer add milk & eggs?

The pancake’s flavor is a lot better if fresh eggs are used. We have the consumer add their milk to accommodate those folks with allergies to cows milk or soy. You can make pancakes with just water but the flavor is not quite as good.

E. How did you come up with all of the grains?

See “Our Story” in this web site.

F. Why do you grind all of your own flour?

It would be a lot less work & faster to purchase the grains already ground into four. In a couple cases it would be cheaper to buy the flour instead of the whole grain. I mill my own flour because I want the flour to be fresh when I package it. One reason for it to be fresh is that all whole seeds have oil in their germ. The minute you crush to germ in the milling process it starts to oxidize, especially at warmer temperatures. Over time the flour can develop an off flavor. I also feel that many consumers like the idea of flour being freshly stone ground.

G. Why don’t you use the gluten free symbol on your gluten free packages?

To qualify for the gluten free symbol you must have a room & all equipment dedicated only to gluten free products. I agree that this is ideal & wish to qualify as soon our volume warrants such a move. At this time we use the same room, the same flour mill, the same mixer as for our other products to make gluten free products. All other equipment is gluten free dedicated. We do our best to arrange our procedures and to thoroughly clean the equipment so as to not contaminate gluten free mixes with gluten. So far we have not had any consumers of our gluten free products with a negative reaction. You are welcome to tour our facility so I can demonstrate what I do.

H. Why do you use the foil resealable standup pouch?

Isn’t this a more expensive container? Yes, there are cheaper containers. However this pouch has the best moisture, air & light barrier of any flexible commercially available container. These qualities are important to keep the mixes fresh for the longest period of time. This is especially important for the ground flax.

I. Why have you become so interested in nutrition labels?

My wife had hypoglycemia. She could not eat products that had more sugar than salt. I then began calculating the percentage each nutrient was of the total. This revealed many interesting details, some of which illustrated the miss leading information. Then I ran into a blank wall when it came to calculating percentages of fluids because the serving size would be in fluid ounces & the nutrients in grams. Also, as a young adult I worked in milk marketing order where I audited utilization reports & therefore had to verify both the butter and nonfat portion.

Where can I get answers to questions not listed here?

Please e-mail support@treestreetgrains.com or phone (801-310-0203) or write me at 1170 Holly Cir., Provo , UT 84604 with any other questions you would like to see answered on this page.