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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with great tasting stone ground whole grain multigrain products. We wish to have the reputation of fresh, high quality products.
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How We Got Started

TreeStreetGrains is owned and operated by me, David Cobia. I am a retired quick-lick-and-a-promise-absent-minded professor with a fun, but a lot of hard work, hobby of making pancake mixes with a little help from my wife & other family members. When I retired as a professor of agricultural economics at North Dakota State University I wanted to, among other things, learn to bake bread. In the process of doing that I started to add different grains. At first I baked Ezekiel Bread (wheat, barley, spelt, millet, beans & lentils, see Ezekiel 4:9). This grew to 16 grain bread. Then in a trip to see my son at Mesa, AZ I created the first 16 grain pancake mix.

This mix went over so well among friends, relatives & customers of my 16 grain bread that we tried it (very successfully) at a regional farmers market. We are now in 16 retail outlets and on the internet. Tree Street Grains is the trade mark or brand under which grain products are prepared and sold by Cobia Creations, LLC. This firm is owned & operated as a home-based business regulated by the Dep. of Agriculture & Food with appropriate licenses & permits. Our office & operation is at 1170 Holly Circle, Provo, Utah 84604.
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More than you probably want to know:

This operation started as a hobby making bread. The basic bread recipe was given to me by Irene Johnson of Orem Utah. I modified that recipe to create an Ezeikiel bread (see Ez 4: wheat, barley, millet, fiches (or spelt), lentils & beans). I then attended a class titled ‘Those wonderful Grains’ taught by Brad Peterson of Mesa, Arizona at Education Week at Brigham Young University. This piqued my interest in the exciting variety of grains and their potential. I then had a lot of fun going beyond the number of grains mentioned by Brad Peterson. The basic idea is that if a single whole grain like wheat can be so good and tasty for you, what can be said of all of them.

At any rate I have had a lot of fun putting these grains together in traditional grain products especially bread. Leland Sycamore of Grandma Sycamore Bread fame suggested that I should make this bread commercially. After jumping through all of the hoops required for that effort the 16 grain bread morphed into a pancake mix. I took some 16 grain flour to Mesa, AZ to see my son Rick so I could make him some bread. I never got around to it so I made some pancake mix with the flour. That went over so big at his monthly foosball tournament that I tried the recipe out on relatives, friends & 16 bread customers. They were even more enthused about the flavor of the pancake mix than they had been of the bread.

We next tried the mix out at a regional (Thanksgiving Point) Farmers Market. Here again we had great success. I next approached Days Market (a delightful neighborhood supermarket) in Nov 2008 who agreed to carry our mix. Utah’s Own, a state promotion agency, organized a tasting event for Smiths Supermarket chain and Associated Foods. Smiths agreed to put our product in 2 stores and Harmons agreed to carry both the 16 grain and the 9 Grain Gluten Free Mix in all of their stores. Alpine Food Storage in Highland, Utah, where I purchase some of my ingredients, carries all of our products (all sizes with & without sugar).

Then in the middle of a sleepless night I thought, gee, several of the 16 grains do not have gluten in them, why not gluten free pancake mix. This was one of the most exciting thoughts I had with this project because I have a few friends allergic to gluten. I could hardly wait to try it out. And then I was really excited with the resultant flavor. I have taken great pleasure in the positive reaction of adults, teenagers & children to our pancake products.
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The Cover:

The idea & the art work on the label is by my wife Patricia. She has enjoyed various forms of art starting with folk art in acrylics. She is now doing portraits with colored pencil.
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About Me:

I was raised in Southern Alberta, Canada and Moses Lake, Washington. Obtained my BS degree from Brigham Young Univ., MS & PhD from Purdue University. I also filled a 2 year mission for our church & served a stint in Korea while in the US Army. I married Patricia Smith in 1961. We had 3 children and now 12 grand children and 1 great-grand child. I was a professor of Agricultural Economics at North Dakota State Univ. from 1967 to 1998 with a sabbaticals in 1978-79 and 1985-86.
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Many folks have helped us on our way, for which we are grateful.

Our neighbors, relatives & friends who loved our products:

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